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How to choose your supplier base

How to choose your supplier base
Bill Madl July 01, 2019

If you are a small or start up business, and one of your decisions is deciding what packaging company to work with, you need to continue reading!

As an entrepreneur, you may have many different companies calling on you and telling you how they can help, what they have to offer and how it will benefit you. Since none of those companies offered to learn about your business and your unique challenges, how are they planning on that help?! 

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The following key business criteria, when sorting out the companies that you can be proud to call your supplier, are as follows:

 #1. How did the company present itself when they first called on you. Did they want to quote (wrong!) or offer to meet with you to determine if it was a good fit for both companies?

 #2. Did they have a website that explained the products and services they offered? Did they have social media sites that showed their products and how they help their customers, and did it mirror their website?

#3. Did they have "Testimonials" from customers on their web-pages reflecting what they did for these customers and how they worked as 'partners" and the benefit the customers received?

#4. Now that you reviewed their websites and gained a good insight about this potential supplier and how they conduct their business, did they provide easy access to their company via these websites? Were phone numbers and contact information provided?

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#5. Evaluate if  that potential supplier appears to align with your business and do they seem to be flexible in their approach to doing business? They should listen, understand your concept, and be flexible enough to provide any and all materials that allow your product to stand out among your competitors. If all good so far, set up a meeting and go from there! In face to face situations, you will be able to verify all that you had considered about this company and be in a position to select this supplier!

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Ok, it all sounds easy enough, but keep in mind, you will always have the ability to change suppliers down the road should you feel the company you selected was unable to keep up with your changing needs! In the event you are reading this article and have already chose your supplier, but are unsure about your choice, please click the button below and follow our company to gain more insights into what we do and how we conduct our business and help our customers improve their sales and bottom line. Also offering our bonus eBook by clicking here!

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