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Top 7 Reasons Why Suppliers Should Be Your Packaging Department

Top 7 Reasons Why Suppliers Should Be Your Packaging Department
Bill Madl August 16, 2019


Top 7 Reasons Why Your Supplier Should Be Your Packaging Department

It’s not enough to find a supplier who can reduce your product price. In fact, a supplier who isn’t the best "fit" to package, manage or distribute your product, and provide overall value, will end up costing you more time and money. More importantly, if you are thinking about starting a business, or you are a small business looking to grow, or you have your current business to run and your products to manage, it's critical to have a packaging supplier, your packaging partner,  manage their own products and provide you packaging design concepts with custom packaging unique for your products. Here are the top 7 reasons why:

1)  A packaging company does this for a living, and who better understands packaging products better, and is better qualified,  than the company that provides them. They should know the right questions to ask as they set up a business model for packaging your products and providing packaging designs.

2)  A packaging company has personnel in-house that are trained to design and test packaging for all products that are brought their way. They have the available resources to take on projects from start to finish and provide prototypes as needed.

3)  A packaging company has equipment that can test a package based on your supply chain and specific requirements in that chain, including strength factors needed to protect the products, amount of time in warehouses, humidity conditions, touch points along the supply chain, etc.

4)  A packaging company can control their lead-time, and how much, or how little packaging that is available, and when that product can be brought in to you without leaving you without too much, too little, or the right items for packaging. This will help eliminate obsolete material and slow-moving inventory.

5)  A packaging company can manage inventory based on their knowledge of lead-times and understanding of expediting, and your business needs. They should be able to provide "options" in the event of emergencies. The key is to ensure your customers get what they want and when they want it, in the amounts they need.

6) A packaging company should understand their customers needs, and managing their packaging will allow them to do their job better. Periodic reviews are essential to having everyone on the same page.They become your packaging partner.

7) Don't you and your personnel have more important job functions related to getting your products to market, and improving sales and margins, this vs managing packaging? If you are considering starting up a small business or you already have a small business, these 7 reasons why a a packaging company supplier should be your packaging department are critical to your success!

Packaging partner in classroom teaching retail and creative packaging

Custom-Designed Packaging from a packaging partner, a packaging company near mePackaging partner teaching retail packaging and creative packaging in Classroom

Custom designed packaging ideas from a packaging partner using innovative and creative packaging


Allow a Packaging Company to manage your packaging, be your packaging department and your packaging partner, freeing up that time you spend chasing down and expediting orders. When you have time to focus on your core-competencies rather than packaging, you have time to keep innovating and changing the world with your ideas, not to mention be in a position to improve your sales and profits!

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