Perio Inc. Razor Display Case Study

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In 2001, Perio acquired the historic, American-made shaving cream brand, Barbasol, and launched Pure Silk, a dedicated women’s shave cream brand. Since then, the company has implemented a thoughtful strategy, utilizing product development, promotion, and advertising support to elevate both brands.

Barbasol is America's #1 brand of shaving cream. For the past 100 years, generations of men have trusted Barbasol for a close, comfortable shave. Barbasol is now proud to offer a comprehensive lineup of shaving cream, razors, personal care, and grooming tools.

Pure Silk is also a leader in the shave category and has a full offering of women's shave cream, razors, and personal care and beauty tools.


Perio approached Ashtonne with the idea of creating efficient and flexible temporary razor displays to help drive promotional sales. The primary goal and challenge were to design a display that could showcase both the Barbasol and Pure Silk brands.

“We continue to look for new ways to get in front of the consumer and are leveraging off-shelf displays more than ever before to achieve this objective. John Baxter and the team at Ashtonne, continue to deliver innovative display solutions that provide the flexibility and quality we need.”
                                         - Tim McNamara, VP of Marketing - Perio, Inc.

Focusing on space constraints as well as maximizing the quantity of product in each display, John created a “tower display” and PDQ tray that can be used for both brands. The display holds a concise number of razor packs within a compact area.
“Ashtonne produces a high-quality display with crisp, high-impact printing that looks great at retail. Their pricing is fair and their team continues to deliver outstanding service behind a great final product.”

                                              - Tim McNamara, VP of Marketing - Perio, Inc.

Barbasol continues to work with Ashtonne Packaging for its merchandising display needs. Ashtonne’s efficiency and creative design team are instrumental in delivering high-quality, attractive displays that allow the product to shine at retail.

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Benefits of Partnering With Ashtonne:

    • Efficient, flexible, multiple designs

    • High-quality printing and graphics

    • Exceptionally quick speed to market from design and proofing to execution

    • Increased promotional sales for both Barbasol and Pure Silk brands

    • Holistic support of all packaging needs 

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