Retail-ready packaging is the new trend to reduce costs at supermarkets, club stores, deep discount stores, mass retailers, e-commerce packaging vendors, and more! Retail and shelf-ready packaging can best be described by 5 "easies". 

  • Easy to identify

  • Easy to shop

  • Easy to open

  • Easy to shelve

  • Easy to recycle


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What is retail-ready packaging?

As mentioned in various articles, including “Retail-Ready Packaging” by Les Pickering, “12 Best Practices for retail-ready Packaging” by Ron Romanik, and the Fredonia Report, retail-ready packaging - also known as RRP - and shelf-ready packaging - also known as SRP – describes packaging that arrives in a manner that allows the product to go directly onto the shelf or selling floor without the need for unpacking inner contents. Retail and shelf-ready packaging can be best described with “five easies” — easy to identify, easy to shop, easy to open, easy to shelve, and easy to recycle.

Here is a key overview of retail-ready packaging and shelf-ready packaging that will give you a better understanding of this custom-designed packaging, how it came about, and what you can expect in the future:

How did custom retail packaging come about?

Pressures to reduce costs in supermarkets are the driving force. De-palletization and the speed of placing products on the shelf are one of the most expensive areas of the supermarket. Retail-ready packaging is designed to directly reduce these two cost areas. Europe is driving this change in their supply chains, making it easier for their key supermarkets to get products in and on the shelf in the least amount of cost, and time and with the least amount of waste.

How do we identify retail-ready packaging and SHELF-READY PACKAGING?custom retail packaging

1) To meet the guidelines set by the Institute of Grocery Distribution, RRP must be:

    • Easy to identify - clearly printed enabling store personnel to quickly find the product
    • Easy to open - easily opened in-store, but robust enough to endure the supply chain
    • Easy to merchandise - simple shelf replenishment and optimization of shelf space
    • Easy to shop- consumers can easily identify the product
    • Easy to dispose of - uses minimum material and can be recycled; many custom box companies use creative design for product packaging that allows a greater selection of their recycled materials to be used in the box-making process, thus affording further cost-savings for the customer.

2) The cardboard box or corrugated custom shipping box is in effect two half-sleeves that allow the upper portion to be used as transit information and the lower portion for more graphics and design for point-of-purchase. In the store, the team removes the upper half of the package to reveal the lower half. No cutting of the custom retail boxes or need to rip tape is required.

What do retail-ready packaging and SHELF-READY PACKAGING mean for you?

  • The demand for retail-ready packaging in the US is forecast to increase 5.2% annually to $6.2 billion in 2020, from $4.83 billion in 2015.

  • With the proliferation of club stores and no-frills deep discount grocery stores, these stores sell their merchandise directly from secondary packages and require their vendors to ship products in retail-ready packaging. Additionally, disruptive trends in the US food retailing landscape will bode well for Retail-ready packaging. Among such trends is the increasing competition that traditional supermarkets face from a host of alternatives, including club stores, deep discounters, mass retailers, drug stores, farmers markets, and e-commerce vendors.

  • Food is the predominant market for retail-ready packaging, reflecting almost 3/4 of the demand in 2015. This growth will continue through 2020, as uses will be fueled by labor cost savings resulting from the reduction of product handling requirements during stocking.

  • Work with suppliers closely to optimize the product SKUs and features before starting the real project. Make sure you understand the customer’s requirements- all of them! Shelf dimensions, rate of sale, automated warehouse systems and distance traveled all can have an impact on how successful any retail-ready packaging is. Always design with the consumer in mind.

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