SPX sunglasses display using creative packaging, innovative packaging from packaging company near me and packaging partner


SPX using creative packaging, innovative packaging from a packaging partner and a packaging company near me

                                  CLIENT PROFILE:

SPX Brands started in 2001 as Solar X, a company specializing in designer inspired sunglasses. Since that time, Solar X has continually expanded their product line, offering over 500 different styles of glasses across several categories. They have grown into one of the nations leading manufacturer, importer and distributor of high quality eye wear to mall kiosks, convenience stores, travel plazas and the special event industry. In 2008, the company acquired Gift Giants, a company focused on the distribution of personalized Christmas ornaments, and re-branded that division of their company as Polar X. This division has consistently grown since the acquisition, and Polar X products are currently being sold in retailers across the country.     

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In 2017, Ashtonne started working with SPX Brands designing displays for their sunglass division. Adopted from an original Christmas ornament display, Ashtonne used a smaller display version to help get SPX Brands sunglasses into CVS in 2018!

“I’m very happy with how smoothly the process went with Ashtonne. They are very helpful, the pricing is competitive, and the design team has been great.”
                                                                            -Mike Nash

The second major sunglasses stand created was the 24 count “Power Wing” to hold sunglasses. This display needed to stand out and reflect the variety of sunglasses offered by SPX Brands, focusing on their designer brands.
Ashtonne Packaging designed this display using high quality graphics and an efficient display format, allowing SPX Brands to display their unique image and identity. SPX Brands has over 500 different styles of sunglasses across several catagory lines and they continue to grow due to quality of their product and marketing efforts.

“We have enjoyed working with Ashtonne and their team as they have helped us develop many great looking displays for all of our different products. They have been the support we needed to grow our business, and will continue to lean on them for their creative display ideas”.
                                                                               -Mike Thompson


  • Efficient, flexible multi-use designs
  • High quality printing and graphics
  • Exceptionally quick speed to market from design and  proofing to execution

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