At Ashtonne Packaging, we supply creative and innovative packaging that can be custom designed with unique product solutions.

Options include point-of-purchase displays, retail packaging, shelf-ready packaging, custom boxes, e-commerce packaging, branded packaging, and more.

No matter your industry, or company size, we’re your packaging partner!

Servicing many companies and industries, large and small businesses, since we opened our doors in 2007, including cosmetics, beverage, extruded plastics, welding, thermo-forming and packaging, and many more, we try to understand your business in order to provide your company with unique packaging solutions.

Specific areas of expertise include:

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1) Publishing

  • Children's activity books
  • Calendars
  • Magazines

2) Consumer Products

3) Industrial Products

  • Construction materials
  • Pumps
  • Safety equipment
  • Energy / oil/ gas
  • Medical supplies
  • Heavy Metal

4) Food and Beverage

5) Glass and Fragile Items

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You focus your energy on promoting your product. You depend on sales and can't afford to damage relationships with retail stores and distributors. Why let packaging (or lack thereof) limit your success.

We are lifelong experts in problem-solving and developing creative, innovative, custom-designed packaging, with experienced teams in product design packaging, retail packaging, fulfillment, and transit packaging. Product packaging design offering unique and innovative packaging ideas is our expertise! But when it comes to deadlines and profits, expertise is not enough. It’s about treating you like our only customer, offering personalized attention that allows for improved packaging efficiencies, innovative packaging solutions, including custom boxes, point of purchase displays, retail and shelf-ready packaging, and eCommerce packaging that advertises your brand, and the ability to evolve with your business. 



  • Custom-designed packaging

  • Stockpack / Packaging Supplies

  • Fulfillment, Distribution, and Inventory Management


When considering the right packaging supplier to be your packaging partner, please note some key aspects that separate us from the competition:

1. Our Employees- Our design and management teams have over 200 years of combined packaging experience and expertise, focusing on providing customers with unique packaging solutions. In an effort to reduce waste and cost in your supply chain, we take the time to understand your business, including all aspects of your supply chain. Click on this link to see a checklist for handling fragile items. 

2. Our Service Ability- Located near Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio, we are able to service companies in other states too. Our creative partnerships with other packaging companies provide access to servicing their needs. Our goal is to get our customers what they need, when they need it, and ONLY in the amounts they want it. 

3. Our Culture- The most important aspect of our business is our culture and the attitude our team possesses to get the job done and get it right for our customers. We work together as a collaborative team, meaning our customers get better service, better quality, unique custom designed packaging, and quick responses to their needs.

4. Our Customers- The barometer by which we evaluate our performance lies within our customers and their level of satisfaction, including their sales and profits. We focus on providing our customers with custom-designed packaging solutions!  Click this link to see a few of their testimonials.

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