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Designing Pop Displays for Your Merchandise

Every day we are bombarded with choices, especially when we walk into a store and see all the different products that are offered to us! How we choose what products to buy becomes the key question as we look at all the options available. 

The main idea behind product offerings is to get us to purchase on demand. When we enter a retail store, we are there to make a purchase, and some 70% of retail purchases aren't decided until the customer is actually in the store! That makes it quite clear the impact and importance of effective marketing and why it's critical to utilize in-store advertising, such as point of purchase or

So, to begin with, what exactly is a point of purchase display, or a POP Display and how can it be utilized? A point of purchase display often called a pop display, or pop packaging is marketing or advertising material placed next to the product or merchandise it is promoting. Many displays are set up at the check-out counter, while others are scattered through the aisles of the store.

The idea behind point-of-sale displays is to generate interest and impulse purchases. Many large displays in high-traffic areas of the retail store have been known to increase sales over 60-fold from similar items sold off the regular shelf! Clearly one can observe what a tool like this can do in generating new and repeat sales!

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If you are in business and considering how to improve sales, you should consider a point-of-purchase display. Realizing that each branded product needs a unique and specific look of its own and may need to fit specific retail needs, here are six key elements to put together your custom-designed and branded retail point-of-purchase display:

1. Goals Of the Product

Understanding exactly what you want to do here is essential to retail point-of-purchase display development. Whether you are aiming at increasing sales, promoting new or upcoming events, or generating on-demand sales, you will want a pop packaging display to best showcase and represent your product.

2. Product Purpose and Design

Point-of-sale displays should reinforce your brand, including colors and shapes for clear presentation and product representation. There is a large variety of pop display packaging types. Several of these point-of-sale displays include:

  • Free-standing aisle POP displays - Products are put on displays with signage next to the products.

  • End-of-counter point-of-purchase displays - Though these are much smaller, end-of-counter POP displays promote your specific products, albeit less costly ones.

  • Dump-ins - Products are placed in a large bin in an aisle or even at the entrance of a store without branding around it.

3. POP Display Budget

Combining a marketing budget with advertising and other budgets could be essential to make both your wants and needs become a reality. There could also be costs associated with what a retailer may charge to allow you to occupy that floor or counter space with the point-of-sale packaging.

4Store Scheme and Design

Determine which retailers your POP display will be designed for, especially since there could be large and small retail stores or even locationwithin a mall that are important to the design process.

5. Retail Space

Consider the space inside each store and what will be allowed to promote your branded products. Will your point-of-purchase display be at the end of an aisle, in a large space, at the check-out counter, or at the store entrance? Every location will dictate the size and scope of your point-of-purchase display design.

6. Gain Attention With Point of Sale Displays

Your POP display should evoke emotion, helping the customer to associate with your unique branded product. An emotional connection encourages customers to interact with your product and allows that product to be touched, picked up, tested, or even sampled.

This interaction makes it more likely the customer will make a purchase. You want a creative and unique display that every customer who passes by will notice. You will want a POP display that promotes your products so that when customers leave the retail store, they will be thinking about your products and wanting to share their experience with their family and friends!


Point-of-purchase displays and POP packaging are essential to help grow your business in a retail store. Helping customers relate to your branded products and invoking repeat sales with this association is a great reason for a display! Point-of-sale displays are powerful selling tools, and a display's design can make or break your business.

At Ashtonne Packaging, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time and taking the time to understand your business's goals before we move on to the design stage. As your business partner, our success will be predicated upon your success and we want to ensure that happens. Our experience and expertise can help your company!

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