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Based in Mansfield, Ohio, Warren Rupp is an industrial pump manufacturer that has shipped its products globally for over 50 years. The company, owned by IDEX Corporation, is focused on fluid and metering technology solutions. They produce many different types and sizes of pumps in a small and uber-efficient manufacturing plant. Their challenges are space and speed to market. Warren Rupp partnered with Ashtonne Packaging to optimize their packaging process and to build a VMI program that enables them to build pumps upon demand.


  • Continue to develop innovative pumping solutions to support an ever-changing market.
  • Develop partnerships with key material vendors that can help them with short lead time requirements in their markets.
  • Minimize complexity and inventory costs while maintaining the proper inventory to support flexibility and speed to market.


Warren Rupp had many different product SKU'S to support from a packaging perspective, including some with very low volumes. This situation created several issues including higher packaging costs, increased warehouse space, and labor and training concerns.
To eliminate packaging SKUs, Ashtonne was asked to help Warren Rupp to design a more efficient packaging program. The goal was to re-design their packaging so that different pumps could fit into universal sized shipping containers with specific corrugated inserts that protect each pump. This was not an easy task considering the complexity and size difference of each of the pumps, some being fragile.
Before making design proposals, Ashtonne had their design team spend time at Warren Rupp to better understand the space and labor issues. Following that, Ashtonne made the design proposals and prototypes. Additionally, Ashtonne also performed packaging drop tests to validate the proposed designs. In some cases, several revisions and drop tests were required to achieve the desired success. These approved designs simplified the packaging process at Warren Rupp and provided volume improvements for many of the small volume SKU'S. In most cases, this also provided a cost savings for Warren Rupp. This process of consolidation took 18 months
and eliminated 20% of the shipping containers in the groups analyzed.

CUSTOMER BENEFITS of Partnering with Ashtonne:

  • Increased efficiency and consistency for the packaging team by minimizing the number of shipping containers required.

  • Improved protection of the products during shipment andcminimizing shipping damage.

  • Increased usage of key packaging SKUs, which reduced costs.

  • The next day delivery from Ashtonne’s local warehouse provided flexibility and availability of packaging parts. It also allows Warren Rupp to focus on building customer orders on- demand with a very short lead time.

  • The program also provided space savings in the factory that would be used for additional manufacturing lines. This allowed Warren Rupp the flexibility to increase production and sales revenue.


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