Uniontown Brewing Company Case Study 

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In 2017 Doug Reynolds and his wife Anna, founded Uniontown Brewing Company in Ashland Ohio. Doug knew the start-up brewery would be an essential piece to the economic revitalization of the small town, so he chose to build his brewery inside a building that has a beloved history with Ashlanders. Uniontown draws in the local crowd with a range of beers brewed in-house, from stouts to IPAs. The brewery also contains a sit-down restaurant with a simple, but complete menu. Doug needed a custom-designed carton that would showcase and protect his craft, allowing customers to safely transport his brews. The 4-pack custom packaging Ashtonne provided broadcasts the image of the new brewery while embodying the rustic feel of Ashland, Ohio.


  •  Open just in time to capitalize on an expanding downtown 
  •  Focus on community exposure, utilizing custom and unique brewery packaging
  •  Partner with local businesses to launch social media campaigns, and create attractive marketing material
  • Turn to Ashtonne Packaging to physically bring his brand to life through craft beer packaging                                                                                                    


Uniontown Brewing Co. needed a carrying carton for their 4-pack of specialty brewed beer. The carton had to stand out aesthetically, while also being structurally sound. The challenge was to capture the feeling of rustic Ashland, and the newly formed Uniontown. John Baxter, the Design Manager at Ashtonne, coordinated efforts with Uniontown’s Marketing Agency to create the carton. He created a custom design that complimented the minimalistic look of the Uniontown glass bottles. The carton’s four dividers keep the bottles separate and secure, and a built-in handle enables safe transport. On top of that, Baxter’s design allowed for branding, artwork, and company logos. To ensure structural integrity, Baxter chose to utilize a specialty chipboard material with a water-resistant coating. This choice made the carrying carton lightweight and durable.


Helping Doug promote his Brewery through craft beer packaging was a no-brainer for Ashtonne. As small businesses, the staff of both Uniontown and Ashtonne are local and strive to embody the core midwestern values that have brought them success. Giving back to the community results in a host of benefits for both businesses and those around them. Ashtonne takes pride in seeing those large bold letters stating: “MADE IN ASHLAND, OHIO”.

“Ashtonne brought in several prototypes of a four-pack carrying carton for my approval… their designs met my specifications for functionality and attractive design… and they delivered on time, with quick turn-a-round!”

- Doug Reynolds


BENEFITS of craft beer packaging from Ashtonne Packaging

  • Quick turnaround on edits to design, decreased time to market for their craft beer products.
  • Custom-designed craft beer packaging showcased Uniontown’s branding, generating increased sales.
  • Face to Face consultation between Ashtonne and Uniontown resulted in time and money saved for the customer.
  • Increased exposure to local markets through combined marketing efforts of Ashtonne and Uniontown with craft beer packaging.

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