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3 Keys to a Successful eCommerce Launch

3 Keys to a Successful eCommerce Launch
Bill Madl May 16, 2018

You've put a lot of heart, creativity and sweat into product development and you want to ensure that all the other details are perfect before your launch date.  Having to get everything just right with a looming deadline, can bring the pressure to a boiling point. The good news is that by focusing on a few key details, you will not only have a smooth launch, but you will differentiate yourself from competition.

Packaging Comes First

Consumers judge a product by their cover, so investing time and thought into packaging is a must. But when your product will arrive on your customer’s doorstep instead of on a store shelf, you have to think in the box. How will your customer experience the arrival of your product on their doorstep? What gives your direct-to-consumer product the edge over the off-the-shelf version? Convenience of delivery isn’t enough.

The unboxing experience builds an immediate emotional connection to the process of ordering and using your product. Is unboxing fun? Easy? Safe? Most of all, did the product arrive looking good and working well? A positive unboxing experience will keep your customer coming back for more.

Know Your Distribution Chain

Nothing can ruin a product launch more than a hiccup–or large belch–in the distribution chain. Have you ever felt excited about ordering a product, only to discover a delay in shipping because of “circumstances beyond our control”? Your customer won’t care why the product isn’t ready; they will take their business elsewhere. Make sure the best circumstances are in your control by choosing a supplier who understands the details of your supply chain. Communicate your distribution needs and details thoroughly, then expect them to get the product to your customer on time, and in the right condition.

Partner With a Supply Chain Expert

One way to avoid the stresses of supply chain logistics while focusing the bulk of energies on your “baby”–your product–is to leave those details to someone else! Too many ecommerce startups find themselves going under before they’ve even come up for that first breath of air, all because of mishaps with shipping deadlines, availability of packaging, or damaged products." Enlist the expertise of a company who specializes in these details, and sail ahead with the product of your new customers' dreams!

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