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Effectiveness of Custom Branded Packaging

Effectiveness of Custom Branded Packaging
Bill Madl May 08, 2019

With so many direct-to-consumer products hitting the market, you need to think outside the box (or, rather, inside it) to differentiate yourself from the pack. Products need to not only arrive safely and look good, but communicate a personal touch and brand image that will make them impossible to forget. Your product’s packaging is your first chance, and sometimes your only chance, to make a powerful impression with your brand. Here are some key points to remember when considering your brand design and how you can utilize packaging effectively:

* Understand your target markets- what do they care about and what are they looking for in the way of value, especially vs what they are getting today

*What is the goal of your brand- what do you stand for, and what is the story behind your brand, i.e., how did your product come to being and what is the importance to you and your customers

* Are there any slogans or taglines that can be associated with your brand

* Focus on features and benefits and why customers would choose your products over the competition

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Everything from the feel of a box on the doorstep to the color of the shredded paper inside can make a difference to today’s discerning consumer. Ashtonne Packaging has worked with a number of direct-to-consumer brands to design stand-out packaging solutions that have helped build a loyal customer base and improve their brand image.

 Smilo, ashland, ohio, ashtonne packaging

E-commerce BRANDING Solutions

With e-commerce, you skip the splashy display in a retail store, and you don’t deal with point-of-sale packaging. What you do have is a chance to make an intimate connection with the “unboxing experience ” that reflects your brand.

Smilo, a company that specializes in infant health products like baby bottles, brushes, and pacifiers, was born not too long ago itself. Launched in 2017, Smilo conducts all of its sales online. The design and feel of the packaging has been a major priority from the start. Their packaging clearly have customers identifying with their brand.

Ashtonne has designed some "dazzling “moments of reveal” for Smilo’s customers. Those who purchase pacifiers, for example, are rewarded with the colorful products after pulling a tray from a sleeve. The supple paper and half-moon shaped tab provides a gentle, tactile experience, unlike security tape and a sharp plastic package requiring wrangling and scissors. The moment is more in line with taking care of a baby. The moment is well worth the investment and their brand tells the Smilo story!

Remember that consumers are more than 50% likely to make a repeat purchase from an E-commerce site if their first experience was a good one. Unboxing the product with your unique brand is a major part of that experience.

 Uniontown, beer, packaging, ashland, ohio, ashtonne packaging

Distinct Branded Packaging

Ashtonne creates unforgettable designs for in-store products as well. Uniontown, a local, independent brewery in Ohio, needed to showcase their craft with a carton that would draw attention to the product, protect its transport, and embody the feel of the brand.

One way Uniontown differentiates itself from other beers is with the minimalist look of its unique bottles. The 4-pack carton, made of lightweight, water-resistant material, shows off the design while keeping the bottles separate and secure with dividers. A built-in handle enables the drinks to be carried safely and comfortably, which is an important part of the beer-buying experience. Like unboxing a Smilo product, the tactile experience of carrying a carton of Uniontown beverages sticks in the customer’s memory, making them more likely to repeat their purchase. Uniontown has a clear story to tell it's customers!

Do you have a direct-to-consumer product that needs to make its mark and imprint your brand? Call 877-522-6937 or contact Ashtonne to see what unique and cost-saving solutions we can custom design for you and allow your brand to stand out among the crowd!

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