I have been in the packaging industry since 1967 and worked in many positions within that industry, including manufacturing, computer programs, customer service, sales, marketing and training. I have trained corporate marketing and sales teams in negotiating and sales training courses, and also introduced marketing techniques to various companies. Mote Black tie- 10-27-18 (4)-1

I am currently a Marketing Consultant for Ashtonne Packaging, an independent Ohio Packaging Company providing solutions and services for a vast marketplace. ​Much of my success can be attributed to the team I worked with and all the professional experience achieved along the way, especially working for both small and large Fortune 100 companies. I have written over 85 blogs that have helped companies market their products and services, while developing new business. My experience and expertise also involves Excel, Word, PowerPoint, creating website pages and social media outlets. ​My passion is helping customers achieve success and increase their sales and profits while working with the right packaging supplier!

If you have any questions, or would like any more information about me or Ashtonne Packaging, please email me at bmadl@ashtonne.com You can also follow me on LinkedIn @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/bill-madl-28b97010/This is also a great year to get out and get acquainted with what packaging companies are offering today! I urge you to attend industry events and conferences being offered!


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