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Importance of Ecommerce Packaging and Getting it Right

Importance of Ecommerce Packaging and Getting it Right
Bill Madl July 18, 2018



 E-commerce business is growing at a phenomenal pace and all indications are that there is no slowing this "direct to consumer" growth market down! It is becoming increasingly clear that to be successful in selling your products, you need to be resourceful and provide your customers with a unique and memorable unboxing experience and allow them a dazzling and dramatic moment of reveal! With Amazon  sales growing at a $180 billion + annual rate, and also setting the trend for sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, you may want your products to stand out and reflect your specific custom branding. You may want your product to be unique and not be offered among various other similar product alternatives, such as looking through the Amazon site, would offer. To do so will require attention to detail with custom designed retail packaging, as you may only get one chance here.

Ecommerce packaging, utilizing custom packaging design, including all inner-packaging and anything that is opened, is critical to your success. The latest push is to eliminate as much extra packaging as possible, so today's custom boxes must be eye appealing, yet protect the product and be recyclable. Make sure it's easy for the customer to open and ensure they are anxious to get at the product because the outside screams "open me"!! Your reputation is on the line too as your customer's friends, family and possible referrals can be impacted by poor quality and disappointed recipients of your products. Statistics indicate over 50% of buyers online repeat the sale if they have a good experience.

So, getting it right the first time is critical as it may be your only time, and keep in mind you are competing against more companies than ever before. Get with a reputable packaging company, perhaps a packaging company near me, that a history of developing unique custom designed packaging ideas and solutions and has a solid history of helping their customers- visit Ashtonne Packaging or call them at 877-522-6937! 

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