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Make Your Lean Operations Even Leaner: Time Saving Tips

Make Your Lean Operations Even Leaner: Time Saving Tips
Admin March 16, 2018

It’s no secret that time is money, but finding that extra time can be a challenge. Ohio manufacturers like you already have your hands full doing all you can to meet your customers’ needs with the best products you can develop. You’ve pulled in the reins of your operating budget as tightly as possible. What can you do to save the time you don’t seem to have?

The good news is that there are solutions for the time-and-money crunched entrepreneur. By striving for more efficiency in your packaging operations, you will discover savings you didn’t know were there!

Think Local

By working with a local company for your packaging needs, you’ll receive very quick deliveries because your products won’t have far to go. Most companies take pride in partnering with others close by and will work to nurture those relationships. At Ashtonne, we offer fast shipping to our local businesses because we know those connections are worth every penny. Custom designs, creative packaging and inventory management are at your fingertips with Ashtonne packaging being your local packaging partner!

Take Stock

When you’re working hard to cut costs in product development and manufacturing, it’s easy to lose track of the day-to-day details of packaging and to look outside the box, so to speak. That’s where the experts come in. We conduct packaging audits, during which our designers and project managers take a look at a customer’s current box supply and assess whether or not we can redesign, and in some cases eliminate, their current boxes to save board and money. Often, we have found that some boxes the customer is ordering are irrelevant or could be consolidated into another box of a similar size. Multiply those savings by the number of shipping units, and you’ve suddenly saved a sizable chunk of money.  

Do One-Stop Shopping

The fewer companies you have to work with, the more time you save. Imagine if you could meet all your packaging needs with one contact! We can save your business money by providing everything you need: tape, poly bags, corrugated boxes, and plastic foam. We go through the work of obtaining these items from the appropriate vendor, thus cutting down on time you would have spent searching and ordering from different people.

Ohio boasts manufacturing companies that keep our country’s economic engine running. By finding ways to cut or eliminate costs, businesses like yours can increase your profits even more. To see how you can save money with Ashtonne, get in touch with us today or request a packaging audit. Better yet, if you want o talk one-to-one with a packaging expert, click the link below to schedule a meeting. 

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