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eCommerce Product Launch- Packaging Your Product for B to C Sales

eCommerce Product Launch- Packaging Your Product for B to C Sales
Bill Madl August 08, 2018

What do you picture when you hear the term “shopping”? Do you see someone pulling items off shelves and racks, placing them in a squeaky cart, and checking out? Or clicking some buttons on a web site, waiting a few days, then slitting open a box on the kitchen counter? Or maybe waiting for a drone to drop off a treasure in the driveway?

As more consumers shift from in-store shopping to eCommerce navigation,  the images continue to evolve. But one thing that never changes is the need for customer satisfaction and repeat sales. Industries must continue to rethink their approach, especially when it comes to packaging and their brands

What’s the Difference?

When shopping for products off the shelf, the consumer doesn’t always know what they’re looking for, so they can find themselves tempted by the products themselves. While targeted packaging can help differentiate a product’s value and purpose–do I need a “serious,” heavy-duty battery for the smoke detector or a budget one for my kid’s annoying new toy?–the product very much stands on its own, fully or partially displayed.

Off the shelf packaging, displayed at store, ashtonne packaging

Off-the-shelf packaging, then, can be much more generic than direct-to-consumer packaging because its purpose is to get the products to the store safely, where they will be displayed.

Barbasol Table top display

But in B2C direct, creative packaging takes center stage as the consumer opens in anticipation of the contents inside–contents they have already reviewed, chosen, and purchased. A blunder in packaging could lead to a disappointed consumer and a lost unboxing experience.

Beyond Hang Tabs

Direct-to-consumer packaging must be perfect in graphics, fillers, ease of opening, and material quality. Rather than sitting in a cart with other items grabbed from the shelf, the direct-to-consumer product often arrives on the doorstep alone as a special guest of honor. Your excited consumer may open the product in front of others, showing off the packaging as well. A positive unboxing event, full of the right colors, textures, and personal touches, leads to word of mouth and repeat business.

Making the Shift

Transitioning to eCommerce should be an exciting development, not a burden, to your company. Aim to disrupt, not just keep up with, your current industry with packaging that exceeds your consumers’ expectations and leads them back to “buy again.”

Just about any packaging company can come up with off-the-shelf solutions–it’s been the model for decades. But for direct-to-consumer packaging, finding the right supplier is key. You need an expert who understands the dynamics and critical differences of B2C business.

To make the most of your direct-to-consumer sales, explore what it means to create an unboxing experience and contact us to start a conversation. What concerns do you have about transitioning from off-the-shelf to direct-to-consumer product delivery? Click here to see how Smilo Baby Products changed the world with their eCommerce packaging and branded products!

Not ready to make a change in your packaging buying decision yet? Click below and stay in touch, and know that when you ready, we are waiting for you! We have unique, custom-designed, creative packaging solutions that give you options and allow your product to stand out in the crowded online market.

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