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Importance of Social Media in Today's Business

Importance of Social Media in Today's Business
Bill Madl June 08, 2019


Importance of Social Media in Today’s Business Posted May 31, 2019 by Bill Madl

With over 4 billion internet users worldwide, and over 3 billion that use social media monthly, it’s more important than ever to have a social media presence.

Here are the top reasons for the importance of social media in today’s business:

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1) Over 4 billion internet users worldwide and over a billion with at least one social media account. Ten years ago, 7% of adults had at least one social media account. Today, over 65% of all adults have at least one social media account, Facebook having the largest platform with over 2 billion active users!

2) With the growth of social media, it’s important to utilize social media marketing and to have a social media presence if nothing more than to have another resource to showcase your products, services, value and who you are. It’s a great way to connect with your customers and suppliers and to help develop your brand and generate new leads, especially if they are social media users.

3) Social media websites and profiles don’t cost a company anything to host, and the advertising that you post there is free. Additional paid advertising is very cost-effective, and today, Facebook business spending for advertising is almost double that of advertising done in newsprint!

4) Social media is a two-way street allowing you to advertise your brand and products, allowing you to look up information on your brand, your industry, the competition and key news and events impacting your business.

5) Social media drives traffic to your website that wouldn’t normally get there. You can link from your social media post directly to your specific pages on your website that you want to direct traffic towards.

6) People talk to each other every day, and word of mouth, due to social media platforms, is responsible for 20-50% of all purchases online! Social media can be a great resource to help identify issues your company might be lacking in, whether it’s quality, service, or price related.

7) People use the internet to search for a product or service, and most times before they buy, they research the website of the company they would be purchasing from. They also search the internet for things they are looking for, to fix, or purchase or “how to use”. Having social media can help SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) and help drive those searches to your company.

8) Your website and social media posts are available 24-7 and are a constant resource of communication with your markets. Although not a replacement, these websites and posts can enhance your current sales team!

Ashtonne Packaging believes in the importance of social media to enhance your daily activities and market your business. Don't miss out on this opportunity to not only keep up with the times,  but to set the trend in your industry!

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