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Tips to Help Your Customers Have a Knockout Unboxing Experience

Tips to Help Your Customers Have a Knockout Unboxing Experience
Bill Madl January 25, 2018

If you sold your product in a brick-and-mortar store, you’d want your customers to associate your brand with an easy, pleasant, and even fun shopping experience to ensure they have a dramatic moment of reveal and a memorable unboxing experience but can online shopping be all of that–and more? Will online shopping replace those stores or just compliment them? The stats from Amazon are amazing how this growth is changing people's buying habits.

As an entrepreneur in e-commerce, you have the opportunity to not only wow your customer with your product, but to dazzle them with a “moment of reveal” in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. The impact can be powerful. In fact, surveys indicate that over 50% of all online shoppers become repeat customers when they are satisfied with the product and packaging they received. Understand too that's it can be easy to get lost in navigating the eCommerce highway.

Unboxing experience and dramatic moment of reveal, TiPS TO HELP YOUR CUSTOMERS HAVE A KNOCKOUT UNBOXING EXPERIENCE

The following 5 tips will help you make a splash with your product and keep the ripples flowing.

TIP #1. Make your branding stand out from the moment your packaging arrives at your customer's doorstep.
Your brand name and/or logo should be clear on both the inside and the outside of your packaging, and not be limited to just the box. Consider adding your branding to packaging materials such as tapes and tissues as well.

TIP #2. Brighten their day with color, including the shredded paper inside the package. packaging and share it with their friends and family.
In a world of plain cardboard and bubble wrap, bright colors make the unboxing experience a little more special, maybe even eliciting some social media photo shares!

TIP #3. Prioritize function
Make sure the packaging is easy for your customer to work with, avoiding complicated unwrapping procedures that require anything more than the kitchen scissors. Also, if your packaging is damaged or doesn't look appealing, your customer may think the same of your products.

TIP #4. Say thanks.
Insert a thank you note in the package for your customer, signed by hand if possible. It's just another special touch letting your customer know that they are important to you.


TIP #5. Find a packaging company that takes the time to meet your needs.
They should listen, understand your concept, and be flexible enough to provide any and all materials that allow your product to stand out among your competitors. Realizing that there are fewer "touch points" in getting your product direct to a consumer through e-commerce makes it critical that your packaging quality be functional, eye-appealing, and unique.

If you are adding an e-commerce product to your company, do it the right way the first time and with the right company. Have your customers get packaging that screams "open me" and experience that dramatic moment of reveal!  Contact us to talk about how we can make your customers’ unboxing experience truly unforgettable. For a more personal experience, please schedule a meeting to see how we can ensure your customers have that knockout unboxing experience!

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