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Navigating the eCommerce Highway

Navigating the eCommerce Highway
Bill Madl April 27, 2019

  With Amazon rapidly securing over 50% of the online sales, it's critical if your company is just venturing into this market, or even if you have established yourself online here, to avoid pitfalls and finding your way through this ever changing landscape. Keep in mind some of the key areas of doing business here and avoid ruining your good product, not to mention your online reputation:

* Ensure customers can get in touch with your packaging partner /company and that all possible avenues of "touch" are open to them, including your webpage, social media, phone, email and online chat.

* Checking out through a "shopping cart" can end a good purchase, especially if it's difficult to put products there and get them out again.  Make it easy to put items in and out, and then allow "checkout" without any issues. Don't have excessive forms and paperwork prohibit a possible sale.

* Product returns and refunds must be easy and hassle-free as over 45% of all online shoppers are more likely to do business with a company that reflects that transparency.

* Make sure you have a distribution facility that can readily ship your products to arrive within 1-2 days, keeping in mind that this is the bar Amazon has established.

* Be careful about having your products manufactured with companies that could end up selling that product direct. Have contracts that reflect language to ensure and protect your markets and product uniqueness.

* One of the most important areas to avoid is not having a secure data site. Customers will not shop your site if there is any chance it isn't secure.

At Ashtonne Packaging, we understand the importance of doing business online and having your brand stand out in the crowd, this while avoiding the pitfalls of doing business online. Custom designing your packaging to fit your specific need, whether it's brown box, custom cardboard boxes, packaging supplies, point of purchase displays, or custom graphics for e-commerce shipping or retail ready packaging. you can depend on us to help you avoid these pitfalls while helping market your product, too.

When you look for packaging companies near me, turn to Ashtonne Packaging to help you maximize every sales opportunity with the highest quality, full-color corrugated packaging available. Our TEAM will combine unique, innovative structures with brilliant color, eye-catching graphics, and high gloss coatings to produce a package that not only protects your product, but also grabs your customers' attention. A package noticed is a package sold. Consumers do judge products by their containers, so it's important to add value and interest!

Please call us at 877-522-6937 , click on the link here or below, or schedule a meeting to find out more about how we can help you navigate the eCommerce highway!

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