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Top Custom Packaging Trends of 2019

Top Custom Packaging Trends of 2019
Bill Madl January 30, 2019


BRANDING- Custom designed packaging, focusing on branding, is essential for eCommerce and retail consumers, especially if you are a small business. Amazon has pushed the envelope for online shipping, along with the expansion of social media, forcing business to ensure they have a presence that brings repeat business and establishes credibility to their products. Custom branding, with bold graphics,  allows your company to show who you are and focuses on making a memorable unboxing experience with a dramatic moment of reveal for your customers!

SUSTAINABILITY- Whether it's waste or pollution or over-packaging, the trend will be to make packaging easier to open, with less waste, reusable, with less fillers and no extra packaging.  Last year’s World Economic Forum saw over 250 companies pledge to use 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable packaging by 2025. Companies will need to decide what components of their packaging is required to ensure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, without impacting the environment in a negative fashion, and reflecting on the supplier's concern for the environment. Less can be best as long as the packaging withstands the supply chain rigors. Simple is good too and that doesn't have to mean cheap or plain. Consumers will look for companies that follow these concerns. Amazon is leading a charge to use ONLY suppliers that use  100% recycled packaging, this in their  in their "frustration free packaging" program. in August, they will start penalizing those non-compliant suppliers. Amazon is also insisting on packaging that is easy to open with no extra fillers.

MULTI-CHANNEL FLEXIBILITY- Consumers want a seamless online and retail experience, including the ability to order online and pick up locally, or have delivered. Many companies are gearing up towards having both an online and retail presence, so it's imperative the product packaging reflect both, while understanding their customers buying patterns. Although online sales are growing at a phenomenal rate, consumers still enjoy the ability to touch their products and see them in retail stores. Keep in mind:

  • Consumers are demanding flexibility
  • They still want the "unboxing experience" with less waste and fillers that don't recycle
  • They will pay more IF they love what they see inside

Online shopping has taken on dramatic growth, with Amazon setting the eCommerce trend.E-Commerce dealing


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Packaging trends in 2019 will be branding and ensuring your unique and custom designed product packaging stands out in this ever growing field. Make sure your product packaging design is simple, yet bold and reflective of what you want consumers to see and generate return sales from. Use graphics to make your point and deliver your brand message!

Sustainability will get bigger this year with companies focusing on reducing waste and fillers in the packaging, and avoiding packaging that doesn't recycle or isn't made from recyclable materials. Consumers will be keeping an eye on this as they look to be environmentally conscious too. 

Multi-channel distribution will continues to vital for a business hoping to grow sales. Having both an online and retail business will be paramount here and understanding consumer trends about having their items either picked up, shipped locally or delivered online, and at what cost.

Every year trends change, and for the packaging industry, this will be a big year for it! eCommerce growth is fascinating and will allow many small businesses to grow as their packaging stand out in the crowd amplifying their brand message and image.

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