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Aged and Infused is a small, up-and-coming lifestyle cocktail company founded by Jess and John Feller in Chicago, Illinois. As a husband-and-wife duo, they loved happy hour, but they also enjoyed mixing their own cocktails. Instead of going out, they enjoyed staying in and creating their own cocktails together with friends. This love of happy hour helped spark the birth of Aged and Infused. Together they hope that others can find as much pleasure in happy hour by purchasing and enjoying their Cocktail Infusion Kits. Selling their Infusion Kits primarily via ecommerce, they were looking for ways to enter the retail market and they turned to Ashtonne Packaging for help in doing so.



* Provide creative mixers with at-home convenience

* Personalize the creation process with bubbly mixologists

* Increase sales and build the brand at retail


Aged and Infused found Ashtonne Packaging through a Google search. They were looking for help getting into retail channels. After listening to their goals, Ashtonne developed an initial display design and provided samples and pricing for an opportunity that Aged and Infused was working on with Raley’s Grocery, a West Coast chain.

Ashtonne met with the founders at Pack Expo in Chicago and discussed some changes that needed to be made to the design. After tweaking and requoting, Ashtonne received an order from Aged and Infused for 130 displays that Raley’s needed for a 4th of July Promotion. Ashtonne was able to produce and deliver them on time, so they hit the Raley’s floor in time for the Promo. This was their first retail point-of-purchase display opportunity, and this was crucial to helping build their retail sales.


"As a consumer-facing brand, we really value a customer's first impression of our product in-store. When we expanded into a larger retailer, we looked to Ashtonne for help designing a custom display to showcase our alcohol infusion kits. The team at Ashtonne listened to our needs and quickly came up with a creative way to show our products. Everyone we worked with at Ashtonne was flexible and offered solutions for pricing that worked within our budget. As a result of using the display stands, our product is selling faster than accounts that do not have a display case!"

John Feller, co-founder
Aged and Infused

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