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In Need of Custom Calendar Displays? Contact Ashtonne Packaging

In Need of Custom Calendar Displays? Contact Ashtonne Packaging
Bill Madl Posted on June 09, 2021 | Updated on August 24, 2023

Every day we are bombarded with choices, especially when we walk into a retail store and see all the different products that are offered to us, or when we search online!  How we choose what products to buy becomes the key question as we look at all the options available.

The main idea behind product offerings, like calendars, is to get us to purchase on demand. When we enter a retail store, we are there to make a purchase, and some 70% of retail purchases aren't decided until the customer is actually in the store! That makes it quite clear the impact and importance of effective marketing and why it's critical to utilize in-store advertising, such as a custom calendar display stand or a custom retail display.

What exactly is a custom calendar display, and how can it be utilized? A custom calendar display, often called a point-of-purchase display, is marketing or advertising material placed next to the calendars, or holding the calendars, for the purpose of promoting the calendars and encouraging customers to buy them. Many calendar displays are scattered through the aisles of the store, while others are set up at the check-out counter.

The idea behind custom calendar displays is to generate interest and impulse purchases. Many large custom displays in high-traffic areas of retail stores have been known to increase sales over 60-fold from similar items sold off the regular shelf! Clearly one can observe what a tool like this can do in generating new and repeat sales!


If you sell your calendars at retail and you want to improve your sales, you should consider custom displays. Realizing that each branded product needs a unique and specific look and fit of its own, here are six key elements to consider when you want to create a custom display for calendars:


Understanding exactly what you want to do is essential to successfully create a custom-designed retail display for calendars. Whether you are aiming at increasing sales, promoting new or upcoming events, or generating on-demand promotional sales, you will want a custom retail display for calendars to best showcase and represent your product.


Custom retail displays for calendars should reinforce your brand, including the colors and shapes for the proper presentation of your product. There is a large variety of custom display packaging types. Some of these custom displays include:

    • Free-standing Aisle Display Stands - Products are loaded into a display stand that allows a consumer to buy from the display. These displays typically use signage to promote the product and brand
    • Counter Displays - Certain small products, perhaps even calendars, can utilize a display on a shelf or on a checkout counter to promote impulse purchases
    • Dump-ins Displays - Products are placed in a large bin in an aisle or at the entrance of a store. 
    • Pallet Displays - Products are loaded into a larger display vehicle for promotional or seasonal sales.  There are various custom-designed product displays to choose from.  Quarter pallets, half pallets, and full pallet displays are the most common. Each would successfully market calendars for sale!
    • Brochure Holder Display Stands - Share your message with the consumer by using a custom brochure holder or literature display


Combining your marketing budget with advertising could be essential to making both your wants and needs become a reality. There may be costs associated with what a retailer may charge to allow you to occupy that floor or counter space with the point-of-sale packaging. 


Determine which retailers your display will be designed for, especially since there could be large and small retail stores, or even locations within a mall that are important to the design process.


Consider the space inside each store and what will be allowed to promote your branded products. Many retailers have very specific guidelines that you need to conform to before they agree to place your display in their stores.  Also, consider whether your custom display will be at the end of an aisle,  actually in the aisle, at the check-out counter, or at the store entrance. Every location will dictate the size and scope of your point-of-purchase display design.


Your custom-designed calendar display stand should evoke emotion, helping the customer to associate with your unique branded product. An emotional connection encourages customers to interact with your product and allows that product to be touched, picked up, tested, or even sampled.  This interaction makes it more likely the customer will make a purchase.  Additionally, you want a custom calendar display that promotes your products, so that when customers leave the retail store, they will be thinking about your products and want to share their experience with their family and friends!

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Custom-designed calendar displays are essential to help grow your business in retail stores. Helping customers relate to your branded products and promote repeat sales is a great reason to create a custom calendar display! Custom displays for calendars are powerful selling tools.  Choosing the right style and design of the custom calendar display's design can play a large part in the success or failure of your product's sales at retail. 

At Ashtonne Packaging, we understand the importance of getting it right the first time and taking the time to understand your goals before we move on to the design stage. As your business partner, our success will be predicated upon your success and we want to ensure that happens. Our experience and expertise can help your company! You will work with one of our designers to create a calendar display stand that meets the needs of your unique product and space. 

If you need help in any way, please feel free to call us at 877-522-6937 or contact us today!


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"Ashtonne Packaging has been our primary supplier of custom display products for several years. Their creative designers go above and beyond to quickly turn our ideas into physical samples, which helps Bendon secure a great deal of promotional sales. Once we go to production, Ashtonne always delivers high-quality and eye-catching display solutions which allow our products to stand out from the competition at retail. I can sincerely say that Ashtonne’s overall service is the best I have experienced in the 8 years I have been a buyer of corrugated products!"
Rachel Rabalais
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"We talked to plenty of packaging people, and we tried to do that early on...I think we could go to a number of different companies that could deliver on budget and on time...But it was the level of detail and the craftmanship that you get at Ashtonne Packaging that I haven’t seen before.”